About Us


Our Vision is to demystify digital transformation.

Our Mission is to assist Australian enterprises with digital transformation, by building affordable and sustainable digital marketing platforms for their business.

STRONGFORT started as an idea of educating businesses teams on how to get better use of the new cloud based tools for sales and marketing. This idea quickly evolved as it was very clear that the offerings were so diverse and every business has their own unique needs that it was difficult to find a one size fits all approach to educating  business on digital marketing.

Digital transformation by design is what eventually became our catch phrase. The idea of tailoring a unique solution for the uniqueness of each business out there. As you can imagine, consultation and business analysis is a key component of what we offer in order to understand each business’ needs.

STRONGFORT has evolved into a niche Digital Consulting Agency which offers a plethora of digital solutions for any business wanting to explore new channels to communicate with their customer base.

We look forward to our future collaboration.

Fernando Lecaros – Managing Director